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The DVDS sold on this site are DVDR(recorded dvds).These DVDS are the best recordings ,made with the best equipment, that can be found. Some have menus and some do not. These are not commercially sold and are unofficial releases, not bootlegs.These Discs can be played on 99% of DVD players. They are region free and that means they can be played in players worldwide.The discs do not have faulty stickon labels because they are directly printed on. DVDS come with artwork inserts in a nice case, sealed. We only use the highest quality materials to please our customers. These DVDs have quality ratings in their description ranging from 10/10 being absolutely perfect to 7/10 being  poorer quality, more for collectors and for the most devoted fan. We guarantee these dvds to play and offer a same disc replacement if necessary, and replacement for established customers that feel that the disc have been misrepresented in any way.Please email us if you have questions to : 



Please contact us for info

Daniel Kellogg
2607 West Dunbar Drive 
Tempe, AZ. 85282    
(Please use this address when sending money orders)                                                   

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